Tel. (54-11) 4313-1324 / (54-11) 4312-0171.
Open Time lunes a sábado de 10 a 24. / domingo de 11 a 24.
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SAN MARTIN 1015., Retiro - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

The Argentine cuisine has many faces. On the one hand, the natural fusion of Porteña cuisine with Italian-Spanish cuisine, on the other, the wide range of products from a country with different geographies. Those who visit the place can tour Argentina from north to south sitting at the table of El Federal. Chef Paula Comparatore goes through the common places of Buenos Aires cuisine and creatively explores the various regional cuisines and their products: the menu is a journey through the different Argentine landscapes. A few meters from Plaza San Martin, attended by tourists and a gourmet audience, it has an excellent service and a careful wine list. The place it has on-line delivery, a menu for the blind, catering and dinners with bilingual cooking classes.

Chef: Paula Comparatore.